I was born in Munich Germany and lived for more than half of my life at this beautiful
and attractive place.

    All over Germany we have several dialects - bayrisch, hessisch, schwabisch and others.
I’m very used to all of them, but most I like the Austrian dialect (Salzburg, Wien) and how
all the fellows are talking in the German part of Switzerland (Zurich, Luzern, Bern and Basel).

     I personally talk fluently High German and I’m teaching only standard High German
in all my German lessons.

    With all my knowledge about the English language it is easy for me, to help students to
overcome their difficulties with German. That’s why - if you need help, please let me know.
I also like to teach my “German for Beginners”, or help on any other German translation.

    Contact me under (512) 815-1526 and then let’s meet somewhere and find out,
what problems you might need to get handled. The best is contacting me a bit more
in advance of your next German Exam, so we have enough time for a correction.
    My price per hour is 25.- Dollars as a German tutor.

 If you know another student, having the same problems
like you, then my hourly rate for both of you is 35.- dollars.  
Die Munchener Frauenkirche
Just call:   (512) 815-1526
                    Thomas Lechner
Do you or somebody else has difficulties with learning ?

I’m a professional certified instructor for the most effective Study Technology.
Today, everybody can learn how to study. It will only take you about 2 weeks (2 hours a day)
to get it all down cold. Learning is never a problem in the moment, ones knows how to study.
Drugs and all the “psychologic”, or other not-really-great-working “solutions” are here not
needed anymore.

     One has just to understand how to study.     It is that magic !     (512) 815-1526
Thomas Lechner
Kannst Du deutsch sprechen ?
German, the Easy Way